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* we are currently located in woburn, Massachusetts *


Work fusion

This space is ideal for an off-site retreat, brain storming session, presentation, company outing or simply an excuse to get out of the office for the day! The benefits of treating your team to a day in our space include enhanced productivity, improved communication and an overall boost in morale.


car enthusiast

This site is sought after for it’s luxurious and anonymous feel. Previously used as a private event space, Car Enthusiast is now a fantastic place to hold an Executive retreat, Board meeting, presentation, etc. With built in productivity components upstairs and completely open floor plan down below, this unique venue is very easy to transform to meet your needs.

A47 Create Woburn

A47 Create

Without saying too much, if you are creative then you are sure to love this space! Custom built for the more creative and ‘roll up your sleeves’ type, this venue is almost ready for you to enjoy…stay tuned for more information!