think of our spaces as flavors - try them all!

* we are currently located in woburn, Massachusetts *


Work fusion

This space is ideal for an off-site retreat, brain storming session, presentation, company outing or simply an excuse to get out of the office for the day! The benefits of treating your team to a day in our space include enhanced productivity, improved communication and an overall boost in morale.


car enthusiast

Originally designed with a specific use in mind, we quickly recognized the draw to a secret space that combines luxurious car detailing amenities with a plush lounge for entertaining. As it turns out, this venue is a fantastic spot to hold an Executive/Board meeting, watch a sports game, play a card game, etc.


mystery venue # 1 (jan. 2019)

Without saying too much, if you are crafty then you are going to love this space!


Mystery venue # 2 (apr. 2019)

We don’t want to give it away, but if you are in the Woburn area stay tuned and get excited!