Frequently asked questions…

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Can I use my own caterer or bring my own food?

Absolutely! We have a list of exceptional vendors if you need any recommendations but you're welcome to bring in your own food and beverages or coordinate your own catering.

What’s included in the rental of the Work Fusion venue?

  • Snacks and beverages

  • Nespresso coffee and espresso

  • Zero gravity massage chair

  • Microsoft Surface Hub

  • Epson projector and screen

  • Bluetooth SONOS sound system

  • Exclusive use of the space

  • Google Chromebooks

  • Complimentary visitor and on street parking

  • Exclusive use of the space

What’s included in the rental of the Car Enthusiast Venue?

  • Exclusive use the space

  • Viewing balcony

  • Luxury car detailing equipment on main floor

  • Fully operable garage door for access

  • Open space first floor - for many uses

  • Snacks and beverages

  • Nespresso coffee and espresso

  • Epson projector and screen

  • Bose stereo sound bar

  • 2 flat screen TVs for presentations or entertainment

How many people can you typically fit in your space?

Our capacity really depends on the venue and the purpose of your event. Work Fusion is ideal for a group size of 20 people of less if you are really looking to maximize both the space and the experience. For more of a networking style event, Work Fusion will comfortably hold up to 75 people. Our Car Enthusiast venue has a slightly smaller lounge area and is ideal for a group size of up to 15 people, while a networking event here can accommodate around 75.

For larger corporate event requests, we are able to utilize both the Work Fusion and the Car Enthusiast venues for the same event as they can operate as adjoining spaces.

What sort of things would you use your spaces for?

  • Employee appreciation

  • Networking or fundraiser events

  • Workshops or training

  • Corporate holiday parties

  • Live-streamed events

  • Corporate wellness training

  • Quarterly meeting

  • Corporate or executive board retreats

  • Off-site meetings or presentations

  • Team building activities

  • Brainstorming or collaboration sessions

  • Strategy sessions

  • End of the year wrap up

  • Beginning of the year planning

Am I allowed to post pictures or videos while I’m there?

100%, in fact, we encourage it! We can be found on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Use the hashtag #A47Experience on any post for a chance to be featured on our page and #A47WorkFusion or #A47CarEnthusiast for those venues respectively.